Train Your Whole Body With 7 Essential Exercises

If you work a desk job, you spend an average of eight hours a day at your computer. Sitting all day has adverse health effects on your body. It is essential to stretch your legs once in a while. Ideally, you could go for a walk or run multiple times a week, depending on your preference.

But walking or running is not going to give you a great look. One of the best ways to accomplish this and boost your confidence along the way is to do strength training.

Due to covid-19, in my country, most fitness clubs have been…

An article written by a developer for our managers


First of all, if you've managed to get into a position where you manage or lead developers on a day-to-day basis, congratulations. That’s remarkable. You’ve accomplished something really great.

Most people end up much worse. The difference between those people and you is probably that you’re incredibly ambitious. You care about your career. That’s what got you here in the first place. And you care about getting things done, right?

Maybe you’ve been active in development yourself — maybe not. It doesn’t really matter. I won’t judge you. You got here because you took the opportunity and you’re smashing it…

A Python exercise with a Test-Driven Development approach

A few weeks ago, I started reading a fascinating book: “Python Workout” by Reuven M. Lerner. It consists of 50 ten minute exercises. It is an ideal book to build up some coding experience in Python.

I myself started reading the book because my Python skills could use some improvement. Sometimes you are so busy with another language that your knowledge of the syntax suffers.

My favourite way to tackle a coding exercise is with test-driven development. To get you started, I decided to share my way of approaching the given problem. …

Use an Amazon Machine instance as you would on-premise

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo

It works on my machine! Great, but how do we make it work in the cloud? Well, Docker solves exactly that problem.

This article is perfect for people who are migrating their application to the cloud or are on their cloud learning journey. At this point, you usually have one application (or more) running somewhere using Docker.

In a previous article, we saw how to migrate such a Docker image to the Amazon cloud — more specifically, to Amazon ECR.

In this article, we will take it one step further. We are going to look at the following three things:

Create and configure an AWS and push it using Jenkins

Person taking in mountain view
Person taking in mountain view

A year ago, my website was running on Heroku. Because Heroku does not allow multiple applications on the same instance, I had to pay $7 twice each month (backend and frontend application). For each additional application, this would cost me another $7 per month.

I was convinced that on-premise would be a lot cheaper, so I took an old laptop and installed everything. After configuring Linux and docker-compose, amongst other things, my website was finally up and running again. This allowed me to save $14 every month.

Until problems arose. Problems you don’t really expect to happen. …

You don’t need to be a math expert to get started with machine learning

Solar panels
Solar panels

Today, we’re about to discover what a tensor is. It’s one of the most basic data structures. In fact, it’s so fundamental that TensorFlow was named after it! If you’d like to understand what it represents, bear with me.

In this article, you’ll get answers to the following questions:

  • What’s a tensor?
  • What is the difference between TensorFlow’s Tensor and NumPy’s ndarray?
  • What are a tensor’s primary attributes?

What’s a Tensor?

In general, a tensor is a container for numbers. Most of you reading this right now are already familiar with matrices — those are rank-2 tensors. Tensors are actually a generalization for…

A brain-friendly introduction to Deep Learning

In this article, you’ll learn what Deep Learning is. It will answer two basic questions that come up a lot when people hear me talk enthusiastically about Artificial Intelligence. Why is Deep Learning “deep” and how is it related to the human brain?

In my opinion, a lot of the information you can find on the internet these days about this topic is either very mathematical, very technical, or just completely wrong. The basic idea behind Deep Learning is actually pretty simple and intuitive! Are you curious?

I promise you, without diving too deep, you’ll be able to understand this…

Build a mobile header that tucks away nicely in a hamburger menu

Bacon cheeseburger
Bacon cheeseburger

Last weekend, I took the opportunity to work on the website of a local and very talented photographer. One of the main requirements of this website is to be responsive. This means that the navigation bar should work well on mobile phones, which means it should be creative in the way it uses screen space.

On large monitors, there is a lot of space to display navigation links on a navigation bar. However, space is limited on tablets — even more so on mobile devices. We cannot show every detail of the page immediately. It would just be a horrible…

Pandas to the rescue


In this article, you’ll learn how to construct a CSV file in Python. This can be a great way to save data on which you’ll later do some analysis. A lot of articles start with reading from such a CSV file or DataFrame.

So, you must know how to construct such a file yourself as a data enthusiast. It allows you to play around with, change, and create large CSVs yourself. These files can be found all over the web and playing around with them is a great way to get started with data science.

Installing Pandas

We’ll be using a library…

How you can distinguish yourself in the workplace

the word “craft” as a neon sign
the word “craft” as a neon sign

Nobody cares more about software as a true software crafter. It’s impossible to know everything about software development. I’ve read books, articles of great crafters, and plenty of other resources, and attended conferences. These have led me to write an article dedicated to the craft.

Nowadays in the interview process, the main focus is often on technical skills or the ability to sell yourself. Very rarely do interviewers search for the qualities that matter most. In this article, we’ll go over six important qualities of a software developer that takes his/her job seriously.

Dedication to Their Craft

In the past, I’ve had the opportunity…

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