How You Can Schedule an AWS Lambda Function With AWS EventBridge

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A while ago, I asked myself: How can you regularly call an AWS Lambda function? Cloud events are the key to make my pet project fully automatic.

In my pet project, a cronjob regularly checks an RSS feed of my articles for updates. If there is an update, the Lambda Function adds the article to my database. This way, my website displays an overview of my articles. Automating my work means that I no longer have to carry out physical database queries. My website updates itself, which gives me more time to do other things, like writing.

With this article…

It Can Save You a lot of Money

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It was only a few months ago that I migrated my website to the cloud. Like you might have seen by now, I love to write articles. On my website, I keep track of these articles.

Like any good developer, I like to automate. So I made my articles appear on my site automatically. For this, AWS lambda played a crucial role. Here you get some insight into how you can accomplish this yourself.

In this article, you’ll learn how to write an AWS handler in a docker image yourself. There are many advantages to this approach. …

2021 is the ideal year to start, and here is why.

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The majority of developers think that writing articles is a waste. They prefer to spend time honing their skills by writing a lot of code. They also believe that all information they need is already available, as long as you search good enough. Learn how to google is all it takes.

In my opinion, some topics (like testing, domain-driven design and many others) lack articles. There is a high demand for quality content, both on new topics and issues that have been around for years. There is a lot…

And why you should move to Amazon S3 as early as possible

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More than a year ago, I created a database for storing images. At the time, this made sense because I was working on-premise. Instead of keeping the photos in a folder, I used a back-end to download and manipulate the images. It was a small application I developed relatively quickly, and it worked like a charm. Even now, the program still works. I have no regrets. It was educational.

But then I decided to move my application to the cloud. I took most cloud providers under consideration: Google, Azure, and AWS. After using Heroku for a short while, I decided…

Read This Before You Lose More Money

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This article is for anyone who sees Bitcoin as an investment. With this article, I want to raise awareness. Many articles focus only on the opportunities it can have. I, on the other hand, would like to make you alert. Despite the strong growth that Bitcoin has made in recent years, it remains delicate.

This article takes only a few minutes of your time but exposes three pain points of the currency:

  • No regulation
  • Unstable investment
  • Influenceable

After reading this blog post, you are free to convince me about crypto still, but I warn you: it is hard to win…

How To Use LetsEncrypt and Nginx to Pay Absolutely Nothing for HTTPS

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Someone intelligent, like you, doesn’t like to pay too much. That’s why we’re such fans of cloud development. If we only pay for what we use, the final bill will be a lot less. Precisely for this reason, it is stupid to spend a lot on HTTPS. It increases security, but for many applications, it’s just a necessary thing.

The only thing you need to enable HTTPS is a signed certificate. You can generate this yourself, but this is quite complex. Instead, you better use a free service like LetsEncrypt. This service offers free certificates.

This article will show how…

Train Your Whole Body With 7 Essential Exercises

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If you work a desk job, you spend an average of eight hours a day at your computer. Sitting all day has adverse health effects on your body. It is essential to stretch your legs once in a while. Ideally, you could go for a walk or run multiple times a week, depending on your preference.

But walking or running is not going to give you a great look. One of the best ways to accomplish this and boost your confidence along the way is to do strength training.

Due to covid-19, in my country, most fitness clubs have been…

A Python exercise with a Test-Driven Development approach

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A few weeks ago, I started reading a fascinating book: “Python Workout” by Reuven M. Lerner. It consists of 50 ten minute exercises. It is an ideal book to build up some coding experience in Python.

I myself started reading the book because my Python skills could use some improvement. Sometimes you are so busy with another language that your knowledge of the syntax suffers.

My favourite way to tackle a coding exercise is with test-driven development. To get you started, I decided to share my way of approaching the given problem. …

Use an Amazon Machine instance as you would on-premise

Amazon Echo
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It works on my machine! Great, but how do we make it work in the cloud? Well, Docker solves exactly that problem.

This article is perfect for people who are migrating their application to the cloud or are on their cloud learning journey. At this point, you usually have one application (or more) running somewhere using Docker.

In a previous article, we saw how to migrate such a Docker image to the Amazon cloud — more specifically, to Amazon ECR.

In this article, we will take it one step further. We are going to look at the following three things:

Create and configure an AWS and push it using Jenkins

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A year ago, my website was running on Heroku. Because Heroku does not allow multiple applications on the same instance, I had to pay $7 twice each month (backend and frontend application). For each additional application, this would cost me another $7 per month.

I was convinced that on-premise would be a lot cheaper, so I took an old laptop and installed everything. After configuring Linux and docker-compose, amongst other things, my website was finally up and running again. This allowed me to save $14 every month.

Until problems arose. Problems you don’t really expect to happen. …

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